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Thread: Consultancies.

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    I'm trying to get an idea of what people think about them, if you've had any dealings with them and if you've ever thought about becoming a consultant?

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    Re: Consultancies.

    First of all, help us out here by not cross-posting.


    I think if you use advanced search to your upper right - input "consult" to the search box, select General Discussion from the list of forums and click search - you will get some hits; as this has been discussed previously.

    (not discouraging any additional discussion here of course [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] )

    What are your specific concerns? What have you heard about them? What do you think about the level of experience indicated by many of the postings here at this site? How might those data affect your opinion of some consultancies?

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    Re: Consultancies.

    I have a contact at one and was thinking about joining as they are looking for new STCs amd MTCs. Though some testers seem to dislike consultancies. I've never had any dealings with them though from what I have heard, they tend to tke over once in the door.

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    Re: Consultancies.

    jhtest78. sounds like you're talking about a staff augmentation consultancy, more so than what Anderson Consulting used to be.
    Note that they will only take over if the augmented company lets them (ie, gets some advantage out of having them there).
    Positively stated, if QA is the focus of the consultancy, chances are better than even they know what they're doing. Invited into a novice development group (read non-QA-savvy), they likely will take over because of the benefit they provide.
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