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    A physiology or taxonomy for Testing System


    I would like to know certain aspects that are found intiguing in the testing professsion.

    Consider the following physiology of the testing system:

    QA Activity
    Product Quality
    Formal reviews
    Testcase Execution (Testing)
    Functional Test
    Unit Test
    Integration Test
    System Test
    Acceptance Test

    Process Quality

    My questions are:
    1 Is Testing done only after every other process in the SDLC ie.,after analysis,design,implementation?If not substantiate few SDLC processes that give a different approach to testing?

    2 Is there any classification of the various activities carried out by testing people?If so provide links to documents that explains to the point and not detailed essay?Brevity is the best quality!

    3 Testcase design techniques black box and white box ... are these the only techniques or do we have more?

    4 Is it true that every validation activity mentioned above in the physiology of QA,could come under any testcase design technique?(eg--- a whitebox strategy can have an integration test, acceptance test and even performance activities like profiling?

    In short , is there a reference that clearly states every glossary terms of testing and neatly provides a pictorial representation of the whole QA activity as a one - to - one relation diagram?

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    Re: A physiology or taxonomy for Testing System

    I apologize for not having put the physiology diagram above correctly... but i hope people could understand what I meant!

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    Re: A physiology or taxonomy for Testing System

    That sounds a lot like a homework assignment. If you're trying to learn QA at a basic level such as that, you'd be well-advised to either take a course or get a book on the subject http://www.qabooks.com . Some of the information you're looking for can be found by looking in http://www.qalinks.com

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    Re: A physiology or taxonomy for Testing System


    Short answer, No to all.

    There is a big difference between what "testing is" as opposed to a product quality assurance activity such as a review and all the others you mentioned. You do whatever is appropriate WRT the methodology you have chosen and the phase of the project.

    Also for each activity different people should perform each of the activities you identified, using very different techniques.

    There are different paradigms for testing, not classification. The way you test for a System test versus a module test is not that different, just the way you view what you are testing.

    Sorry no links, just because its on the internet, does not make it more valid.
    Robert Tehve



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