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    Database, Gui, and WinRuner testing

    I'm just looking for some opinions on this topic. We currently do a lot of the front-end Gui testing. But there are two other directions we can go in. Management thinks we should manually perform database testing. I think WinRunner can peform the database testing also take us in a direction management think was not possible

    WinRunner - we currently have WinRunner and I have successfully program many things that have decreased the amount of time on data entry, allow users more time to focus testing, and tested applications thoroughly. I also have used this software to enter data in production and it has worked wonders and saved a considerable amount of time.

    Database Testing- This is something new they want QA to do. Testing things behind the scene.

    I believe we can do database testing, but I don't think we are ready for it. I keep making the argument that database testing will add considerable amount of time to testing process. In which we never have enough time anyways. My thought is that if they want to database test we should look at Winrunner to help out.
    My argument is that we need to fine tune all team members on the process of testing the front end before we move on to WinRunner or database testing. I think WinRunner is the next direction for the team. But currently I'm the only one that knows how to use it. We can automate much of our software testing, but I understand that we need to be careful at when and where to apply WinRunner.
    I'm just looking for some opinions on this. Let me know what you think.


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    Re: Database, Gui, and WinRuner testing

    WinRunner is equipped with functions to facilitate database testing, depending upon your particular db-test objectives.

    If ROI analyses shows that it makes sense to automate, then by all means - automate. You aren't necessarily locked into WinRunner for doing automated database testing - if all you are doing is for example, going to the database to get values and compare to values from another database. You can use VBScript or PERL to do that and do it a lot faster.

    I would suggest you might want to show objective evidence to mgmt about the need for db testing. Are there defects that have been found via manual db testing that existing WinRunner-based GUI tests didn't catch or - could not catch without a lot of engineering? If so, then you may have the necessary evidence to present a compelling case for automating.



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