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    Does anyone have a metric for how many QA folks you should have for each development person in a software company?

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    This question has been asked a number of times here - please try a search and you'll likely uncover a number of discussions about this.

    Short answer: It depends.
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    Re: Organization

    Thanks. I did check with a search but didn't find anything relevant. My experience has always been that there are several developers for each QA person. Someone else told me that there should be 2 QA people for each developer. I've never seen such a ratio and wondered what others experienced.

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    Re: Organization

    Thanks for your help. I know it depends. My QA person was telling me that it is normal to have 2 testers for every developer and that each developer week takes 2 weeks to test. That seemed high in my experience and I just wanted to hear from this forum. I appreciate you pointing out where the threads were. My search didn't pick those up.

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    One of the key words to use in a search is "ratio".

    I agree with the previous respondents. It all depends. Any organization that keys off of a ratio is setting the stage for problems.

    The best way to determine how many test analysts are required on a particular project, is to exercise basic project management and estimating. I suppose that if a company can repeat a process multiple times for projects that are similar in scope, size, and complexity; then a ratio may become a "voting metric" if you will, and one of the factors used in estimating.

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    Re: Organization

    The Scope/Time/Resource triangle - taking into account the practical limits to Resource numbers(management overheads/contention/Cost etc).
    Scope is the scope of the testing required based on risk assessment of not testing.
    As often discussed on here - time is often a constant.



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