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    Re: Setup Integration/System Test lab configration/migration

    Just a tip:
    I have found that the word "testlab" carries too much weight if all you want is some dedicated machines and a nice quite corner.
    The management types will typically balk at "testlab" but will not have a problem with your actual requirements.
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    Re: Setup Integration/System Test lab configration/migration

    ... also, if you're testing an n-tier system (anything that communicates outside the local box) you probably want your test machines to be on an isolated network such that they can't communicate directly with dev or the outside world. We generally test with 2 sets of data: a production mirror (only on an isolated network) and a more simple/predictable set. Some kind of imaging software would be really helpful, something like North Ghost such that you can wipe a machine clean between testing cycles. Other than that, your test network should be a reasonable simulation of a production one. I can't think of any other special concerns. I don't recall ever seeing a study of testlabs, sorry.

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    Setup Integration/System Test lab configration/migration


    Does anyone have any documentation on a how to setup a test lab. A checklist or case study possibly. Anything on migrating application from the production or dev environment. Populating data for the new environment etc Something high level.


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    Re: Setup Integration/System Test lab configration/migration

    Just be sure and account for minimum hardware configuration testing, if the application states that it will work on a 300 mhz with 64 Mram, be sure and test that, dont just run all test on a 2Ghz 512Mram platform, you will want to recreate the "real world" testing environment as much as possible.



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