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    Nominate QAForums for Jolt Award

    I would like to suggest that any of you who, like me, spend more time here at QAForums than any other web site should consider nominating it for Software Development magazine's Jolt Award. This can be done on-line at sdmagazine.com, or try this link to the nominations page.

    Charles Reace

    "Any sufficiently advanced bug is indistinguishable from a feature." -Bruce Brown

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    Re: Nominate QAForums for Jolt Award

    Did it!

    WinAmp. Llama Tested. Mother Approved.
    Jordan Gottlieb
    President, Charlotte Mercury User Group
    Qualitech Solutions, Inc.
    Jordan Gottlieb
    Senior Consultant, Orasi Software
    Twitter: @JG_QA

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    Re: Nominate QAForums for Jolt Award

    Here's what to enter:

    Category: Web Sites and Developer Networks
    Product Name: QAForums.com
    Version/Year: 2002
    Company/Publisher: BetaSoft
    Product Description:
    Software Testing & Quality Assurance discussions board. Most popular QA site with 50,000 members and growing. Covers all software test tools and all testing categories.

    Originator: Software Development reader

    AJ Alhait
    BetaSoft Inc.
    AJ Alhait
    BetaSoft Inc.

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    Re: Nominate QAForums for Jolt Award

    Ditto - Done!

    Hey, if you plan to nominate, don't wait too long - deadline is 12/31.

    Let's help put AJ and QAForums on the map!

    Great Suggestion Charles.

    -- Jean

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    Re: Nominate QAForums for Jolt Award

    Being an avid reader of this magazine, and having seen this awards process take place, realize that in the description it says:

    "In 100 words or less, why is this book, technology or Web site a boon to developer productivity? What makes it special? What problems does it solve?" (Emphasis added.)

    It does not ask you to just give a description of the site. If you are going to try to get QA Forums on the list, you might want to include how it is a "boon to developer productivity" since I can assure you that is exactly what the judges look for. (You might include references to the fact that the forums has a section on Unit Testing or on Software Process Improvement or that many developers have also utilized the site to good effect, if you believe this to be true.)




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