I have been charged with writing a document on testing strategies/techniques. The purpose is to show development and management that we do a lot of work - just not "test." It is also for QA to use as a basis for writing test cases.

I am having trouble righting down stuff for unit testing. My document will encompass all three phases of test - unit, system, and UAT - here's what I have so far for Unit.

Any suggestions for improving it or is it ok?

5.1 White Box Testing

White Box Testing is a series of techniques whereby the software is tested by utilizing the in-ternal structure of the software. This type of testing ensures that individual modules of code are tested prior to compilation with the rest of the system. Testing at this level is critical; errors caught and corrected at this stage of testing ensure the success of the System and UAT Test efforts. White Box testing is the mainstay of Unit Testing. The techniques that follow represent White Box testing strategies, and may also be utilized during the other test phases as warrated.

5.1.1 Module Testing

Module Testing, also known as String Testing, is usually comprised of testing the individual modules of code prior to their integration with the whole system. The Developer executes the module within the Development environment, often testing the main branch of the code, to ensure that the module data output is correctly formatted to send to the next module.

5.1.2 Screen Layout Testing

One of the most basic and important test areas for Unit Testing is the graphical interface - what the user is going to see on the screen. Test cases will be created to ensure that proper grammar, capitalization, and spelling are used. Tests will also include Standards comparisons for the font, size, and color, as well as proper graphics are present.

Then there's a table with a bunch of screen stuff that needs to be tested (labels, titles, company info, buttons, etc.)

Next I have:

5.1.3 Workstation Testing

Memory Usage, Leaks, CPU analysis
Other application compatibility analysis
Browser settings & compatibility
Modem Connection/processing analysis
Secure ID processing
Dial-in & VPN Connection analysis

which I will expound upon, but is workstation testing really part of White Box? I inherited this document and it was in that section.

And - I am not trying to get you guys to do my work for me, but I need opinions not from this world if you know what I mean.

Do you have documents that describe every testing technique in your organization?

Senior QA Analyst Lead