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I have written white papers for companies. None of those have been published. I am working on a few things now based on threads that have started on these forums. However, I was also thinking it might be interesting for us to do TUTORIAL posts. I tried THEMATIC posts to see how that worked and TOOLBOX posts as well. I think that might be helpful for people.

I am just trying to think of formats that would be the most helpful so that the posts themselves do not get so filled with other material that they become only a lackluster reference and one that you have to sift through. One way is we can post a TUTORIAL thread and then close it. Then have other threads discuss it. That way the main thread says static but still open to discussion. Alternatively, with the TOOLBOX thread format, we could have each person who wants to contribute to that thread use their post to spell out their idea for how they do whatever activity is covered. The thread would not be so much a discussion thread but rather a presentation thread (thematic in nature), each post being one person's discussion of how they use the "tool".

The idea here would be to keep the main thread that expounds the point static but have discussion threads that could spawn off from that. We could use a standard naming nomenclature for the thread title so that searching would be easier. It think that would be easier said than done, however. I am just not sure.

I like the idea...but I have a suggestion to improve the suggestion.

Rather than having thread-based tutorials, why not work to have the tutorials put out on and have the corresponding discussions here within the forums?

I think the idea of a "free" tutorial section there along with pointers back to here to discuss questions and/or concerns would be a more optimal solution.

Or, if that isn't feasible, then putting the tutorials out in the Downloads section might be a good alternative.

Just a thought...

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