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    When do i \" Stop Testing\"

    Hi all,
    I have 2 years of experience in testing and usually i have always experienced that testing often goes on till the last moment before a release no matter how stable the application is.. the tester always feels that testing should be carried on till the last moment. I just wanted to know what methodology is to be followed to determine the end of testing phase or is it something like " Testing stops when we run out of time or money".In my company the decision is more leaning towards intution more than logical decision. I would be glad to get ur inputs.


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    Re: When do i \" Stop Testing\"

    Try this thread:

    Jeff does a good job of demonstrating some of the hard formulas that can be used, and I tend to argue a bit different approach. There is good feedback from several people, and it should at least give you some ideas.

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    Re: When do i \" Stop Testing\"

    Its not mandatory to carry out the testing till te last stage. It depends on how far the development work is going on. If the work is going on before time so there will be no need of testing till the last stage.
    The testing can also be stopped based on the defect rate,testcases passed,no of critical bugs present,major,minor etc.
    basaed on all these the testing can be stopped.


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    Re: When do i \" Stop Testing\"

    well the test plan usually specifies the exit criteria..so if you have stringent test exit criteria, you will come to know when to stop..but if your defect gap analysis shows too much of variations, then its hard to tell when to stop...
    so its better to have strict exit criteria in the test plan itself...


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    Re: When do i \" Stop Testing\"

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by p001:

    Its not mandatory to carry out the testing till te last stage...
    ...there will be no need of testing till the last stage.

    Um, no. See Brian Marick's "Classic Testing Mistakes":
    http://www.testing.com/writings/clas...ing-early.html http://www.testing.com/writings/classic/mistakes.html
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    Re: When do i \" Stop Testing\"

    There are a lot of 'formulas' and 'what to do', but truth is the all depends on your mentality and company's environment.

    I believe that given time and resource, I should do my best to test test everything. I will prioritize tests properly, and let them know in advance what will probably not be covered, based on resource allocation.

    If your mentality is such, then you will test til the very last minute. I've often tested after the product has shipped, since bugs are bound to come in, and I need to catch them. Even test cases not orignally planned, since now that I have time, I test it.

    If your mentality is "I do what I plan, and only what was planned", then your testing will have an end. If those with that mentality, I think they are in the wrong occupation.

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