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Thread: Version Control

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    Version Control

    I am testing a medium sized application in a web environment.

    Our management team wants to apply version control to test scripts so they can audit the test scripts and correseponding test results.

    1. I'd like to know how my peers handle such a situation. Are there any free tools available or how can it be done manually ?

    2. Since we are in the very beginning of the phase, the scripts are going to change frequently, so is version control recommanded at this stage ? Maybe it gets added later when things stabilize ?

    Thanks for your guidance

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    Re: Version Control

    1. You can use Microsoft Visual Source Safe or Rational ClearCase for version control. As far as i know, there is not good free sofware for it.
    2. Version control recommended at all stages of your project. The reason you wanna do that is to protect your Source Code/Files/Test Scripts/Test Plans/Cases...


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    Re: Version Control

    Thanks for your input.

    I agree that version control is important at all stages.

    But, our compney cannot afford the Rational or Microsoft tools at present. Budget problems

    Can anyone sugest a good way of manually imlementing version control test scripts .

    Thanks a lot for your help.

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    Re: Version Control

    You might want to look into CVS. Check out http://www.cvshome.org .

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