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    What is the Role of ITT ??

    What is the Role of Independent Testing team ??

    How powerfull ITT team can be ??

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    Re: What is the Role of ITT ??

    Dinesh, it depends on what you mean by "Independent Testing Team". This can refer to a third-party testing team that is not part of your organization at all. However, some people also refer to testing groups within the organization that are "independent" in the sense that they are not under the control of a Development Manager or something like that.

    In any event, of course, the role of a testing team is to test a product and its related deliverables to various degrees. These kinds of teams can be very "powerful" in direct proportion to their skill set, the effort they put in, and the degree to which they are listened to within the organization when they point out risks or problems.

    You might want to check out this document. (Note: it is a PDF document.) It talks a little about the notion of Independent Test Teams and the value they provide and also some potential problems.




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