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    How to write an document of testcase for web application.



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    Re: How to write an document of testcase for web application.

    is that a question or an answer, or a comment, or WHAT?


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    Re: How to write an document of testcase for web application.


    I am not sure if I am interpreting your question correctly, but, in general, a test case for a Web application is similar to a test case for any other type of application. A test case is basically a specific set of test data along with expected results for a particular test objective to either exercise a given feature or to verify compliance with requirements or standards.

    Unfortunately, it is hard to get specific because we are not sure what you are actually testing. But, as just one example, if you had a drop-down list on a page that had JavaScript which worked with the onSelect() method to automatically jump to another page based on the choice selected in the list, then you would write a test case for each of the choices in the drop-down list. The idea would be to make sure that the input (choice selection) and output (page linked to) are validated for that particular test case.

    Just remember: test cases are just a series of actions that will be executed that will drive the product to various conditions to determine if what happens is what should happen. Test cases can also specifiy negative test conditions in the sense of testing to make sure that what should not happen does not, in fact, happen. And all of this will tend to be the case whether you are dealing with a Web application, a traditional client/server application, a desktop application, etc.

    I know you probably want more detail but, in that case, we will need more detail to give you a more focused answer.

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