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    Books For Testing

    Hi all great genious people over there,

    Please guide me to find some good books towards - Testing and QA.

    Please mention the names of very good books ranging from entry level to expert level.

    I am very new to QA and Testing I hope that your help would go a long way in making things happen

    Always Thankful to QA community.


    -- Insearch of Quality


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    Re: Books For Testing

    check the hypelink


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    Re: Books For Testing

    The QALinks right here on this forum has lots of good pointers, additionally you can also check out the stickyminds and Quality Tree

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    Re: Books For Testing

    Software Testing Techniques - Boris Beizer
    The Art of Software Testing - Glenford Myers
    The Complete Guide to Software Testing - Bill Hetzel
    The Craft of Software Testing - Brian Marick
    Software Testing in Real World - Edward Kitt


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    Re: Books For Testing

    mk_sunil & Davinder remember to support us by ordering your books through http://www.qabooks.com

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    Re: Books For Testing

    Testing Computer Software by Cem Kaner et. al., get the 2nd Ed.
    How to Break Software by James Whittaker

    Both of these are good books.

    For all the general stuff to know about QA/Test go here http://www.softwareqatest.com/



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