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    Minimum specifications for a range of software


    I need to know the minimum and your recommendations for the specification PCs neccesary to run the following software. Where possible, I have tried to look at the developers websites/notes, but getting all the required info is hard.

    I need the minimum and recommended amounts of RAM, HDD space and processor speed for these programs:-

    Windows 2000 Professional
    Oracle 8 client (administrator install)
    Oracle 8i client (administrator install)
    SQL Server 7
    SQL Server 2000
    DB2 7.1
    MS Access 2000

    Many thanks for any input!



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    Re: Minimum specifications for a range of software

    You can get the minimum requuirements from the Brochures of corresponding products.
    These are also available in Installation Instructions of these products named system requirements.
    In computers, minnimum requirements are actually the maximum requirements.If any thing is missing, product can not be run efficiently.
    So be sure that ur system is atleast according to System Requirements.
    I hope, this will work.


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    Re: Minimum specifications for a range of software


    I think the Hard Disk should be 20Gb or more, Ram can be of 256 and Pentime III or IV will do.

    If you want a high quality software system, you must ensure each of its parts is of high quality. by Watts S. Humphrey

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    Re: Minimum specifications for a range of software

    Are all the s/w components supposed to be running on the same machine?

    If so, I'd use more than 20 Gigs of hd space, and more mem too. esp if all the DB's have to be up and running at the same time.

    It Depends.



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