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    Searching For Software Testing Clients

    One of the task that is ahead of me is finding S/W Testing clients in the following areas

    1.Load Testing
    2.Performance Tuning
    3.Capacity planning
    4.Functional Testing ....

    I would like to let me know any source( websites) where I can dig more info about Clients outsourcing their projects.

    In country like US/Europe/Au and NZ



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    Re: Searching For Software Testing Clients


    I specialize in automated testing with Winrunner and Astra. If you find any resources, I'd love to hear about them. My current method is basically banging my head against HR people until I find a company that needs a QA person with their own lab. Difficult to say the least. If I talk with QA management it's much easier.

    If I find anyone requesting load testing or performance tuning, I'll send them your way.

    Good luck!


    QA Automation Outsourcing. The Lab @ www.11ag.com



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