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    Queries on SAP Testing

    Hello Friends,

    Can any body please reply the following queries on CATT :

    1) Is CATT(Computer Aided Test Tool) is the only test tool for testing SAP R/3 application.
    2) What are the different types of tests which can be carriedout using CATT?
    3) Is it a regular automation tool like Winrunner & Silktest?
    4) Is CATT comes alongwith SAP Package?
    5) What is the difference between Test workbench and CATT?
    6) What architecture is required to load this tool.
    7) Who supplies this tool?
    8) What are the licensing policies involved?
    9) Can we get evalution copy of CATT?
    10) What is the price of this tool?


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    Re: Queries on SAP Testing

    My first thought would be: have you contacted SAP? They can probably answer these questions for you and would be the logical choice since it is their product.

    CATT is an SAP tool but I am not sure if it comes with their main product offering. I think, however, that it does because it is used for grouping and automating various business transaction tasks, not just testing per se. Other tools can work with SAP - for example, WinRunner from Mercury (called WinRunner For R/3).

    Again, however, all of this sounds like information you really should be getting from SAP who can, no doubt, provide much better detail.




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