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    Defining Process For Subcontracting on Test Related projects

    I am looking at information for the following.

    Say a company wants to Subcontract its Test Related activities - may be partly or complete.

    Now for the company which is accepting the project, What development life cycle it should follow?

    One thing I guess is

    Requirement Analysis - Understanding scope and deliverables of project

    Test Planning,

    Test Case Preparation


    Delivery( test plan, test results, test cases, defect report)

    Is there any other better models which will reduce cost / Time ...

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    Re: Defining Process For Subcontracting on Test Related projects

    If the entire test effort is subcontracted I would expect requirements/design documentation, all necessary software, all necessary server information (for client/server tests) and an understanding of the defect reporting process (real-time, daily status, as needed?)

    If only part of the test effort is subcontracted then I would expect the requirements/design documentation that applied to my portion of the test, test cases I was expected to execute (if available), software, server info and information about defect reporting. If others are testing, then there may be an established defect reporting system.

    It also depends on what is being outsourced - test plan development, test case execution, or the entire test effort. I don't know which side of the deal you are on, but regardless, make sure that everyone understands what is expected - the input, the process and the deliverables for completion. The best way to save time and money is to communicate properly at the beginning.



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