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    Test Lab

    I need to set up a Test Lab for Web Testing.
    I am currently looking at:
    Win NT sp6 IE 4 & NN 4.07
    Win 2000 IE 5.5 NN 4.73 & NN 6
    Win 98 IE 5.5 & NN 4.73
    Mac OS9 IE 5 & NN 4.6

    Do I need a win 95 machine ?

    What else do I need anybody doing just website testing - what do you use?




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    Re: Test Lab

    Do a search! There are plenty of posts on setting up a test lab.
    -- Mike --

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    Re: Test Lab

    definitely backup your initial setup, using Partition Magic and Drive Image Pro, so you have something "clean" to go back to. We just set up our QA lab and that what we did.
    I would set up a 95 machine, since there is a great number of people who still use it, but it depends on the your customers and if they use Win95 as much

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    Re: Test Lab

    I would defenitly put an w95 machine. Don´t use an new computer, use an old slow computer. The users that uses Win95 usually have an slow and old computer, with an modem connection the net. I use chost or image cast to reconfigure my testlab and i also use my own laptop. Just to have an "real" users computer with cookies, twmp files etc.

    Good luck

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    Re: Test Lab

    I don't see IE 5/Windows on your list, I would definitely add that. Because we're a small company, we use multiple OS installs per PC. We also use Ghost to create a disk image after doing a fresh install so that we can go back to clean machines whenever we want. We just started using Ghost and I am very happy we did. Reinstalling the OS with a Ghost image takes 10-15 minutes.


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    Re: Test Lab

    I would definately add Win 95 to your test lab configuration. Also the web applications you're testing going to be available to the internet or will they be intranet-based? If they are generally available you may also want to test using the lastest or latest -1 version of AOL. In our test lab we are using partition magic to maintain a "clean image" for each one of our operating systems (Win 95/98/NT/2000), while the other image is our testing base.


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    Re: Test Lab

    Thank You for your feedback.
    It had been very helpful and definitely gives me something to think about.

    I think I will get 95 in
    & definitely a IE5 - don't know how I missed that in the first place.

    Thanks Again



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    Re: Test Lab

    I operate a QA configuration lab for my company and I agree that you need Win 95 (OSR2 is probably fine). Also, I don't see any mention of Mac OSX, I would have this OS available as it is different than previous Mac OS’s as it’s built on a Unix kernel.

    You also may want to consider testing on IE6 and maybe even Windows XP as they both have several new specific features (such as IE 6 not “officially” supporting plug-ins or coming with the Java virtual machine). Even if you are not planning to support those configurations it's good to have them available so that you can test on them early in the process. My company does not support XP, but as demand grows we will have to support it in a future build.

    If you are short of physical space I would follow an earlier recommendation of having images "Ghosted". I have 12 configurations set-up (most are dual boot and a few are triple boot) in our companies QA configuration Lab. Believe it or not this is not always enough, I get the occasional request for the an odd-ball configuration (especially from government contractors), I can easily restore these images from the network, then wipe the computer when testing is finished. I hope this helps.




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