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    Hi y'all,
    Im totally new to the world of Software Testing and QA. How new? well I just graduated and accepted a position in a company as their one and only Software Test Engineer. My reaction: I'm freaked out right now since I have 7 products to test and I'm a complete newbie. So what do I need? I need someone who can guide me through the basic steps of software testing and teach me so i can stand on my own. Why dont I ask the company? well the company didn't schedule any training for me to begin with and their throwing stuff at me so quickly that its getting hard to juggle everything all together.
    I think this forum is pretty cool so far but it would be great to know a bunch of you guys aswell. And if there are any productive online courses that I can take that you can refer to me, the please do.
    I know I'm asking ALOT. *fingers crossed*

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    Re: Help!!!!!!!

    obviously you're also new to this site...

    If you want to keep using it, read the posting guidelines which you violated in your 1st post here it seems!

    This thread ill be closed and lated removed.

    AJ Alhait
    BetaSoft Inc.
    AJ Alhait
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