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    How to overcome the language or communication problem

    I am in a country which is one of the fastest growing economy in Asia working for a local company with over 3 billion USD turnover(not sure).
    But communication is only in the local language.
    Every meeting is with a transalator.Reading or writing in English is ok, but takes time.
    How to reslove this problem or should i leave this place.


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    Re: How to overcome the language or communication problem

    I am in the same Boat but does that mean that you have to leave place.
    Be there and Be there I am there for last 4 years with the language problem.

    "No man ever injured his eyesight by looking on the bright side of
    things" and the bright things is by being there and mastering the language.

    Hope this will inspire you.

    Be your Own Light

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    Re: How to overcome the language or communication problem

    Take up the challenge. Learn the local language however difficult it is.

    There is nothing that is impossible. I believe working with such environments initially looks wierd but when ultimately you come out with results you are going to prove that you are sucessful.

    Life is Big Struggle these are all part of it. You may think by this everything is over...The more hard ones are yet to come.

    Take it as a challenge.


    Reji Itteera
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    Re: How to overcome the language or communication problem

    Even when everyone speaks the same language, there are communication problems because of perceived meanings of words. Try to restate what you think you heard in different terms (using different words.) This often brings out misunderstandings. Also, from a test perspective, share your test cases with the users and developers, so they can see how you interpretted the requirements, use cases and design documents.
    Tim Van Tongeren

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    Re: How to overcome the language or communication problem

    The following may only apply to native english speakers speaking with non-native english speakers.

    I've found that speaking slowly and clearly (not loudly!) often helps communication. Also, try not to use any contractions. And finally, do no use slang, large words, uncommon acronyms, or colloquial phrases.

    At a recent job, I participated in weekly conference calls between a team in the U.S. and one in India. After several less-than-successful calls, I insisted that the U.S. team follow the guidelines listed above, and things went much better.




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