Hi SQAforums, my name is Chris Kerich and Iím a graduate student at MIT. Iím writing my masterís thesis on how knowledge gets produced by people breaking digital systems, looking at communities like speedrunners or hacktivists, for example. As you may have guessed, I consider software testing an important piece of that puzzle! Iím not doing a formal study or anything, but if you're a professional software tester and interested in speaking with me for around 20-30 minutes (or I can send my questions over email and you can respond that way), Iíd appreciate it. The questions are things like how you became a software tester, what itís like, and how you negotiate what are and are not bugs, that sort of thing. My goal is to figure out a little more what it's like to be a software tester as told by individuals, instead of via the literature or textbooks or whatever. You can email me at ckerich at mit.edu and we'll hash out the specifics of when and how. Thanks!