Hello All!

Hope this is an allowed topic here. Long story short - I live in Europe and I want to move to the US.

As per my research, the best way to start is - securing H1B job.

I must say I've sent tons of resumes, but I believe nobody wants a hassle of sponsoring my visa. To my opinion, profile I have is quite nice: I have Master's degree in IT, 7 years in QA (QA Engineer, QA Lead and QA Manager) and 2 years (most recent) in Project Management (plus student projects, multiple training courses, speaking at conferences etc). Now, I totally understand I will need to make step back if I relocate. Actually I would like to make this step to reduce all the stress while relocating. Am I overqualified if I apply as QA Engineer or QA Lead? Is there any way to boost my resume (such as applying as PM rather than QA)? Are there any other tips and trick to help me out?

I would really appreciate IT Manager's or QA Manager's replies from the States.