My job title is Test Analyst which I've been doing for a few years and I'm just looking back at my job description, which is something like below:

  • Perform User Acceptance Testing
  • Analyse design documents to identify test scenarios
  • Work with end-users to agree testing scope

Somehow this job just works and everyone is happy but I've suddenly had reason to question some things:

UAT is defined in many places as testing done by the end-user. But I'm not an end-user so am I really doing UAT? Also I'm analysing design documentation to make test scenarios as the second bullet point states. But looking at the V-Model, design documents are used to build test cases for the System Test Phase, so again am I really doing UAT?

I would say I'm actually doing System Test, but two things I do which probably doesn't fall under System Test is also test against user requirements and also get input from the end-users on what should be tested