hi guys

I've started a new role where I have been asked to test a spring batch file jar app running essentially as a service in Tomcat

Data is presented in the form of a table and the service synchronises. Then certain data fields pertinent to the event types (i.e: 'Marriage) are checked to ensure they are not null or mismatched. Anything tagged as such has business rules applied and the data is derived to fix what it can using business rules. The data is then validated to verify items such as clients being the legal age and tags any items requiring manual intervention by the user allowing them to do so via a GUI. Finally the app produces output in the form of reports.

In order to test the service I propose to create a test data table that first of all checks that all of the pertinent data fields are being checked should they be NULL and that the service is picking up omissions.

Next data items to exercise boundary value analysis, range and type testing on the items requiring validation and finally items to ensure the correct items are tagged and that the correct stuff is displayed in the UI.

Do you think this is a reasonable approach and could any of this be automated, given the application under test is running as a service with no real UI, except in the form of reporting?