We are using Access database to provide input to QTP scripts. Access database has many tables according to the application (more than 20 tables). These tables are connected in some way depending on conditions. If X in selected in first table then go to third table and provide data.

Problem: How can we create a test data without missing the condition if X is selected in Table 1, provide data in Table 2? If somebody don't know the rules how can he/she create the test data. Is there a way we can automate Creation of Test dataset by providing all the rules so, anyone can go and select the required option according to their requirements and once they are done it will populate all the necessary tables with that data.

Most of the time we want to reuse the existing test data to execute the scripts to test an existing application.

Reusing Test data is always a good approach, BUT sometimes:

- Need to create a new set of test data according to the Requirements, though sometimes it requires a little tweak in the existing data.
- Result: growing test data set in the database.

Question: How can we manage the test data set? What can we do to reuse the existing test data? How can we find what data can we reuse out of thousands of existing data?