I created a test management tool - http://testsheet.biz/

Welcome to try, it is very simple (for example, the exhaustive video guide takes 12 minutes).
Any feedback is appreciated

Why I created new tool?

I envisioned such a tool and wanted it for years. My motivation:

Besides maintaining test description and results, I want test management software to be a communication medium for the team:

  • Make it easy for management / customers to understand what exactly was tested in each version.
    This gives them ability to decide how resources are spent and what level of quality to expect with the current testing expenses.
  • Hierarchical summaries of test results by test suites, and easy navigation to details.
  • Facilitate planning: having test results of several versions side by side, we are able to
    decide what test/platform combinations were tested recently, and therefore are reasonably
    safe to skip in the current version if we want to save resources.
  • Easy to learn. Many test management tools have overcomplicated user interface,
    thus blocking non QA team members from participation. I want developers to be
    involved into test planning in order to: a) verify test plan and suggest test cases,
    b) inform us what product features were recently changed and therefore have more quality risks,
    c) in small teams developers do testing themselves.

Some tools allow you to enter information, but do not provide sensible reports supporting all the above.
Therefore testing process becomes obscure for non-tester team members, and all we see are just tickets in issue tracker.

In testsheet.biz everything is in one simple view - very clear and complete test report.
And data entry is direct edit of that report. Almost nothing to learn.

Some other benefits:

  • Integration with any issue tracker - ticket numbers recorded in test results are rendered
    as hyper links for quick navigation from test report to the ticket.
  • Very simple data entry - instead of filling for every test case a form with "name", "steps", "expected results"
    fields, testsheet.biz allows to enter the whole test tree in a single textarea.
  • Migration: you can always export all your data in JSON format if you want to migrate to another tool - no lock-in.
    JSON import is also supported, if you want to migrate from another tool.
    (JSON is a widely supported data format, any programming language can work with it).
  • Simultaneous online edits by multiple users.
  • Very affordable.
  • Hosted online.

Let me know what do you think.

Best regards,
- Anton