Performance Testing Horror Stories

Tales From the Script

Did you ever hear the tale of the tester who got blamed for an app crashing in production despite having only 2 days to test with zero requirements? Or the one where all testing was inside the firewall only to have the app fail in production due to load balancing, persistence and link saturation issues?
Testers and performance engineers alike are haunted by millions of possible technical issues all while dealing with the specter of Agile, DevOps, new app techs, and time and resource pressures. So what else is new? Answers.
Join us for this live webinar on October 30 at 2 PM ET as we entertain you with all too common testing horror scenarios and how to deal with them. Learn the answers to important questions including:

  • What's the first test you should run?
  • Extrapolation of test results: is it a good idea? is it good enough?
  • What can be missed when testing from inside the firewall?
  • If you could only run one test, what should it be?
  • And much more

Technical Webinar - Thursday October 30, 2pm ETSign up for this live webinar now!
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