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    I am working in a small team of 2 people. We are working on independent projects. Obviuosly we dont have any LEAD in our team. So in my resume i want to mention the projects on which i worked independently. The point here i want to ask should i write "Project Lead" in front of the project(s) i worked on or should i write "Worked / Handled the Project independently" ???


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    You shouldn't write "Project Lead" if the project didn't have any lead.
    Because that would be a lie. And writing it would make you a liar.

    Most companies prefer not to employ liars.
    Joe Strazzere
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    Playing devils advocate, it might help you get past some keyword filters. Anyways.. morality aside...

    I think most people are too caught up with keywords, titles, and years of experience. I feel like the best resumes are the ones that tell narratives. What is your story of how you lead the team? (keep in mind not to limit the team isn't just you and your colleague. It's possibly the entire organization)

    You don't have to be a team lead to be a leader. Focus on how you as an individual contributed to the success of the company. How have you in that position made a difference and paint a picture of what wouldn't of happened and how things would of been worse without you.

    Ex: "During my time at Citrix, I lead the effort to transform the organization into a more metric based organization by implementing TestLink test case management so we were able to identify key areas of risk and better estimated our future testing efforts."
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    If you want to get lead on your resume the next time on a project, you can mention to the folks that you are working with that in addition to do your work autonomously or with a co-worker that you wish to lead something. You can let them know that you need this for your resume. In exchange for off loading some work from a manager, you can then honestly write that you were a responsible lead for a portion. The part you could do may be as simple as writing a weekly status report and attending a meeting to discuss what you worked on.





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