Hi everyone, I am a newbie, and I don't have much knowledge about software engineering.
Now I start using the "software reliability assessment tool on spreadsheet software" (SRATS) from Japan. It is a add-in in excel. Does anyone here know about this software? In this software, we input the interval time between 2 bugs and the number of bug, then choose a appropriate model from the model that the software has. This program will create a graph called MVF graph, but I don't know how to read it. This graph has 2 axes: time and the number of faults. This graph also displays a curve depends on our model (for exp: Exponetial model, gamma model, pareto model, log normal model...).
If anyone here know about this software, or about bug convergence, please help me with my problem. My problem is: On a MVF graph, how can we know the bug has converged yet or not? I don't have much knowledge about statistics, so I can't understand thoroughly these models and the graph
Thank you a lot.