I have joined this IT company for almost a year as QA Engineer. There is now 25 developers (15 when I first joined) and about 40 internal users. No plan to hire additional QA at the moment.

The role is a bit different than the ones I have taken in the past - while I have mostly taken on project-based role previously (i.e. writing test plan, execute test, test reporting), my current role is more gear toward quality engineering (i.e. process improvement, quality methodologies, enforcing best practices).

I have introduced new development workflow, improved release process, and introduced agile techniques. I have on-boarded tools such as JIRA Agile, SonarQube to the company. As you can see, the direction is that we wan to automate quality as much as possible, development process should be Agile.

The only concern I have right now is that the management clearly stated they do not want me to do any manual testing -- the developers will be solely responsible to write automated test, otherwise they do their own testing. As we know the best practices in QA, testing should not be done by the developers themselves.

My question in this thread is that I am unsure how my role is going to evolve, like to hear from people who have taken similar roles.