Hello everyone,

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Marko Kanala and I'm the Technical Director of Meliora Ltd, vendor of Meliora Testlab test/quality management tool. We're reaching out to this community for feedback about our possible freemium offering of Testlab.

A bit of background: Meliora Testlab is a cross-browser test management tool for applications' lifecycle management. The tool has features for requirement, test case and issue management, reporting, coverage analysis and integrations to JIRA, Confluence and Jenkins for automation. We have experts in-house with a long history with HP's Quality Center / ALM so all users familiar with these mentioned tools should feel at home with Testlab too.

Testlab is currently offered as a hosted (SaaS) service with a free 30-day trial period. On-premise version is also available. Licensing is based on a concurrent user model for larger deployments - named user based licensing is also possible in our license packs.

We are currently considering launching Meliora Testlab as a freemium service. This would mean, that Testlab could be enrolled in use without charge with a possibility of enrolling to premium tiers offering more functionality and/or better service. For the freemium offering to be able to support the development of this software and the company in the long run, the edition must provide a sensible upgrade path to premium tiers.

We've been playing with the idea in-house for a while comparing different models for this to work: Should the premium tiers add features, capacity / seats, support or something else.

I would be very thankful for any feedback and comments about the idea and suggestions on how as testing field professionals you would like to see this happening. I'm intentionally leaving out the details of our in-house plans so I'm not influencing the direction of discussion if any.

A big thanks in advance!

Marko - https://www.melioratestlab.com