Help me test!

How? Visit: Targa New Zealand - "The Ultimate Road Race" - Does pressing "View Results" open a light box? (A small percentage has reported this button does not work.)

Image of the button in question - Testing - Imgur

Why help me? Stumbled across this problem that has challenged the way we test things, Generally we test across all browsers/multiple versions / major operating systems and repeat the same when an issue is found, isolating browser/operating system versions/installed plugins hasn't yielded anything & the testing will continue until resolved for the very small handful of people identified so far.

If anyone could please be so kind to try it out & let me know how if the button worked & if it didn't please visit Detect my Browser :: Browser, Browser Plugin, HTML5 and CSS3 detection & copy + paste the results in a private message (contains no sensitive info about yourself)

I would be be very thankful!