If you are flying with an economy ticket, there is a possibility that you may get upgraded to business class, especially if you hold a gold card in the airline's frequent flier program. If you don't hold a gold card, there is a possibility that you will get 'bumped' off the flight if it is full and you check in late. This is shown in Figure 4.5. Note that each box (i.e. statement) has been numbered.
Three tests have been run:
Test 1: Gold card holder who gets upgraded to business class
Test 2: Non-gold card holder who stays in economy
Test 3: A person who is bumped from the flight What is the statement coverage of these three tests?
a. 60%
b. 70%
c. 80%
d. 90%
Correct answer is c.

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I can only get correct answer be be 70% as:
Test 1 executes boxes 2,4
Test2 executes boxes 6,7
Test 3 executes boxes 6,8,10

What am I missing?