Latest blog post from QA Intelligence Blog relates to the "user oriented" approach for testers.
Here is an excerpt :

What does tissue have to do with testing?

When we approach our daily testing tasks, we can often get caught up in the technical aspect of testing; writing and running our tests, finding and reporting bugs, etc. You might even be lucky enough to work on an integrated team with development and product management, and so you will have the chance to see more clearly the whole project taking form in front of your eyes.

But still, among all the buzz and fuzz of your daily work, while you run from test case to meeting to lunch and then to another meeting, we tend also to forget about something (or someone) who is extremely important to the success of our project, and yet this someone (or group of people) is seldom referred to as part of our daily tasks.

Who are these people you may ask yourselves?
The answer is simple, yet painful. We usually forget about our User.

“What a tester cannot forget to test for is what a user will never ask for”

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