I've been trying different testing techniques, being either functional or automated.
I can say that the main pain I've faced was test cases creation and maintenance cost for a lot of reasons.
I also believe that we can make a great parallel between test cases maintenance and a sustaining a product functional knowledge within a team. In a sense, that test cases are just a way to represent the functional knowledge we have for a given product.
After a long benchmark, I found that most tools over the market don't tackle one main problem in software management: "Transversal Reusability"
Each tool, needs its own data abstraction to serve a given purpose.. In a tentative to solve it, we are trying to publish an opensource solution that should help this matter.
I think that by using a single way to describe functional behavior (BDD), we can help centralizing data and enforcing re-usability.

The solution is currently under beta version, but you can already register: evidence-project.com , the features and problematic it tackles is greatly described in related blog.

To sum up main features:
- Functional behavior description thanks to BDD, using gherkin language
- Test case generation: Generate automatically up to date test cases (manual and automated)
- Documentation generation: Generate automatically up to date functional documentation including User Action flow, Functional requirements...
- Open api: to make our system communicate with third party solutions/applications such as: Selenium, Quality Center, Jira...

I would love to have your feedback regarding the features it shall provide and to discuss with you how far it can help us all as testers/developers/Business analysts to enhance our day to day life against existing solutions...