I am Jeba.I am a beginner in testing.

First i have learnt , why should we go for testing ?

The below example gives a clear answer for this question...

How will you feel if a bug in bank software shows your bank balance as ’0′(zero) instead of some thousands?
And if you are a student, what will be your state if your mark-sheet shows your score as ’0′(zero) instead of some good score?

Here, we will be feeling good if we see some notification or message instead of seeing wrong data.

For example, a message such as “Not able to show your balance due to some unexpected error “ will do more goodness than showing balance as 0 in our first example.

Similarly, a message such as “Couldn’t print your mark-sheet because of unexpected issue” will be useful than showing score as 0 in our second example.

To avoid these situations ,Testing must be done....

Give your views also...

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