We encountered the following challenge during the automation POC of an internal Application. We need your view on this.

Problem Description:

WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) objects are not getting identified while executing the BPTs from ALM in Windows 7/ 64 Bit Operating System.

System Configuration:

· Windows 7-64 Bit OS

· Memory: 2 GB

· Tool Name: QTP (Quick Test Professional); Version – 11.0

· Add-In – WEB, .NET, JAVA, WPF (Silverlight)

· Application Life cycle management (ALM)

· Version: 11.0

Patches Installed:

· QTP_00699

· QTP_00709

· QTP_00906

· QTPBPT_00006

· QTPNET_00051

· QTPNET_00062

· QTPNET_00102

· QTPNET_00127 (Couldn’t get installed; throws exception)

Other information:

1. application has been developing using .NET (WPF) and Telerik (Third party Utility) for which QTP does not have any direct Add-ins.

2. Automated BPTs have been running fine in Windows XP 32 bit OS.

3. If you run individual scipted compoenent directly from QTP, it executes fine in Win 7 -64 bit OS. But when you execute BPT s from ALM ,it failes to identify objects.

Thanks in advance.