I am really new to testing and have only done 1 project before. please please please help me !

I have to do liferay cms testing for a site / portal. the site will be blank and client can choose from templates/portlets and upload content as required. it would be responsive html design and optimised for IE9/ android 2.3.3 stock and v7 safari. functional testing is on all these browsers and for IE8+.

i have never done cms testing before and have never tested on mobile phone/ipad etc. can someone suggest which devices can be used for testing so that the testing coverage is possible for above browsers/devices and below screen resolutions ?

Testing is for minimum screen resolution.


1024 x 768 landscape 768 x 1024 portrait


320 x 480

and i really do appreciate any suggestions for testing approach most beneficial to avoid loopholes ?

Please help, I am really stuck ! i really need help !

Thanks in advance,