Hi everyone,

I want to present in a 1-hr knowledge sharing session something about testing. Majority of the audience would be around 15 developers and about 3 managers. The thing is, I'm not sure what content should be in it. What to start, and what to finish with so that everyone learns something (goal is to help developers better test their own work, for managers to understand how testing works, and for everyone to see how the test team contributes to the overall product)

I have a few ideas in mind:

What is Testing?
Value of Testing
Scripted vs Exploratory
Managing Exploratory Testing
Testing in Agile
Testing Tips / Mnemonics
Sample / Live testing ---> is this advisable? (I plan to "find" a bug that I found that I haven't reported yet so it looks "live" )

What do you think about the content? Any other suggestion is highly appreciated.

Thank you very much in advance!