Iím valuing my new job. My chief believes that it is a new post. I think that is part of the work that I have now, but I never have time to do.

Currently in my signature puts SQA Manager. The work i do now is to coordinate the functionalities that arrive to test between the people who perform the test. Review the test plan performed to check for any missing test case . Manage tickets arriving through customer support , plan the dates of releases..

The people below me, reaches the functionality and document analysis. Generates a test plan and test cases and test the functionality required.

What they have asked me to do now is that I am going to focus on the processes of the department of R+D. Check that they are met, see if there are bottlenecks and improve them.

This happens by check that the people correctly populated the fields of JIRA (for example) that the documents of analysis are written correctly, the tickets to support serve correctly, good commenting on the code, to make a weekly report of the state of the roadmap, generate metricsÖ

A little reference that gives me my chief is the FDD and agile development methodologies and figure Release Manager or Tracker. I have to keep track of the proceedings, to verify that it works and if it does not work, improve the process.

I don't know if it is to go for better or worse. This is work of SQA? The person who will be responsible for what I did before would be QC Manager? Test Manager? Should remain under my control? Or be different departments?

Many thanks in advance!