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    Beiginning QA Career

    Hi There,

    I am sorry if this question is posted before but I couldnt find a specific thread in this forum.

    I have a development background in .NET with extensive SQL experience. I would like to move to testing for various reasons. Now please can someone guide me what certification I need in order to get a career in North America? My friend suggested me to take a ISTQB exam but I am not sure if this is in demand in North America? Should I go for CSTE instead? Please kindly guide as I am confused. Let me add that I have a little bit of manual testing experience.

    Please someone guide me I seem lost.

    Any response is appreciated

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    Perhaps start out with a purely manual testing position. Maybe something that pays low. Then move up. I'd rather get paid for my involvement than working to pass tests.

    Once you get some testing on your resume, you may run into some entry level automation jobs. My goal would be to be employed and not more schooling or studying.

    This is just my opinion and I do not know if it is practical.



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    I'm not sure how useful a certification would be. I've read lots of resumes and haven't really seen anyone put that on their resume. So I think the popularity of these certifications might give you a slight edge, against someone who has nothing. But they're not ubiquitous enough as say Java or SQL certifications where someone looking at the resume will look for those.

    I would say the best way to make an impression is the include bugs you see in the products of the company you're applying for. If you're getting into test automation, I'd recommend keeping some code examples on github or some other public repo. It allows others to see your programming ability and coding style. I personally write blogs on how to solve little automation problems, and get a lot of attention from recruiters through that channel.
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    I personally find little value in certifications.

    If you are seeking a certification solely to improve your chances at landing a testing job, this might help:
    All Things Quality: Software QA Certifications - An Aid To Gaining Employment?
    Joe Strazzere
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    Thanks a lot guys for the quick response guys! I had a word with one of my friends in UK and he suggested I should take a foundation level course in Testing and a course in Load Runner to begin with and to get a flavor of how testing is done. Now as per my understanding, there are many testing tools available in the market( LoadRunner, QTP, Selenuim etc). Which one is currently used widely these days?(Which one should I learn and then have chances of getting a job in North America?) Like I said, I am quite good at programming and SQL Scripts. Thanks a ton for your reply! much appreciated guys!

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    My view is Certification course are not highly valuable . Just go with the above suggestions friend

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    thanks a lot guys for your suggestions! Just a quick question-which testing tools should I start learning?(Which ones are in demand these days in North America?) I've heard there are many like QC, Load Runner,Selenuim...which one should I learn at first after learning the basics of Manual/Automated testing? Please kindly guide and put me in the right direction as I don't want to begin with learning something which is not 'hot' in market.



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