I am trying to mirror a VB.NET application with HP Sprinter. I completed the configuration (primary and secondary machines) and I start running the test. The problem is that my actions performed on primary machine are not replicated on secondary machine and the actions number doesn't advances. It seems that
sprinter cannot find the application;s main window.

The primary machine is the localhost and the secondary is a virtual machine.

Also I was trying to do data injection and I am receiving the error "Cannot find the application's main window. You need to perform an action in your application for Data Injection to learn the screen. When the action number advances, the screen has been learned and you can continue with Data Injection".

Also the .NET objects are either DevExpress or Infragistics. Some time ago I was trying to access them through QTP but it couldn’t recognize them due to the fact that they are custom. Maybe there is the same issue now with sprinter.

Please advice.