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    Post Content Management System

    Hi Guys,

    Just wondering, if you guys are aware of a Test Strategy Approach to Content Management Solution
    we are developing a new website, with SOA architecture with new platform / hardware

    Just wondering, if you guys have tips, documents, ideas for CMS Testing.


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    It's hard to for me to even start, since there is so much. Is there a particular topic you want to narrow down on?

    Since my specialty is automation.. I'll mention a few things.
    * Ask your devs to either create HTML code comments or Meta data in the generated HTML code when a test parameter is specified that would output a list of active components. This will make pages easier to ID for automated tests, as well as help you debug issues. (there are other cool things like creating a heads up test display plugin you can do with that information.)
    * With any new project, come up with the best way of disecting the software, and standardized vocabulary for describing the application features. This will help you file bigs and keep the bug DB clean.
    * Establish a high level test strategy and checklist of what to test for any new page. This allows you to avoid a ton of boiler plate test cases and let you focus on what's unique about the page.
    * Because you're doing SOA (which is awesome), it's good to automate tests on data correctness programatically on the backend APIs. These tests are annoying to test manually anyways, it's best to automate those. The system level manual testing should be focused on user experience related items.
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    You wish to incorporate emphasis on xml validation(if SOAP), use tool like soapui or greenhat.
    Also want more intrested in request and response kind validations .

    You may also like to test integration layers like b2b and il if they exist.

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    Yes yogi you are right the way you have discussed is good enough and useful as well i will also recommend my friends your techniques.



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