if possible please advise, after having worked in the bankingindustry for 6 years i currently opt a switch into IT. I have strong affinity with computers and software (and love gadgets). Testing appeals to me as it follows to discover bugs and verify quality.

Although I don t have particular interest in developping (and doubt if I have the mind for that!), I would like to know what skills one needs to start off as a junior tester?? I have degrees in Risk Management and Financial Markets, but testing seems to be a completely different ballgame, I assume one must be able to think abstractly and be highly analytical and know about software coding. Writing reports, good communication skills are present but the tricky part seems to me how to write good test scripts.

How can I find out if I could be a good tester??? Are there any tests or cases I could practice on the internet, anyone knows??

any feedbackk greatly appreciated!