Hi my new family,

I am currently taking Portnov School , in 4th class. Boring but I am sticking to it. have not paid yet so my question is ******. I have an office job i hate, but I am making $20 per hour, i ONLY want to take Portnov QA school hoping i can be making MORE money in a long run , however I am not sure it's possible.

My question is , after finishing this school, do i really have a chance to make $25 per hour , as Portnov promises to us? Because on other hand I hear from many people I will have a job that pays only $15-$20 per hour , where is the truth?

I have a Master's Degree in Computer Science, but HUGE gap - 17 years of no experience in Computer Field at all, but pretty good with MS Windows and Office.

Thank You