Hi All,

I am beginner software tester working for company based in UK and i'm completely new to the software automation tools. Our software applications and web applications are mostly designed using C#, WPF on windows and Java on android platform.

1. Some of the software applications are used in Kiosk environment on Windows XP or 7 machines. That is normally multiple screens of different questionnaires sometime with devices (blood pressure or scales) connected to the machines. The user enters their details and simply answers the multiple choice questions and take the tests if necessary. There are multiple routes in the application based upon users health condition.

2. Some of the software applications are used on restricted versions of Windows XP, Windows 7 and Android Tablets (also looking to work on IOS development). Similar to the above, the software is mixture of different questionnaire but mostly with devices connected to the hardware. Again, that would mean, the user will enter his details and answer the multiple choice questions and take the blood pressure test if required. The application has various routes based upon users health conditions.

3. Some of the software application are web based but without devices. They are mainly used to follow the health record.

Could someone please suggest an Automation Tool which will fulfill all of our requirements?

Many thanks.