Hi All,
I am New Member here in the forum, need some valuable suggestions for my New Project. Ours is basically a Manufacturing company with CRM Applications. I recently joined this Organization to fill in Functional QA Analyst. I need to set up QA methodology and Test Management Tools:

Guide me On:
i. Points to be considered while setting up QA methodology (I know its vast but few key Ideas)
ii. Where to start with when buying QC which can support 100 Users (I don't how much it cost and where to start)
iii. Finding a vendor who can setup the methodology and Management tools as a Package (Efficient and Affordable)

And also Need your Opinion on BUGZILLA, or any other Open Source Test Management Tool, if management rejects my proposal of buying QC

I have hands-on experience of working on couple of Automated Tools (LISA iTKO, QTP, Selenium) and Test Management Tools (QC) which were already set-up in the environment.