Hello all,

This is my first post in this forum as I reached it during my search for a new test case management tool. I have gone through some pages in the forum and I did not locate something helpful so far for my needs. So, if I missed anything, just point me to the right direction and I will be on my way

I am the QA Manager in my department's QA team and I am currently searching for something more advanced for our test case management. Especially for our product platform, where the test cases increase both in numbers and complexity, we are missing some functionalities that would help us better maintain and track conflicts or dependencies in the test plan.
We are currently using TestLink, which is a lot more useful than all the other solutions like doc, Confluence or Jira which could be used for this, but it is not their purpose.
What we are missing, is a way to connect TCs between each other, even cross test suites. Most of the tools out there, are based on requirements management and connecting TCs with a requirement, but currently, we are in a struggle to make project managers properly analyze and document their requirements in plain docs, so, it would be a lot more difficult to have them break down the requirements in such a way to be entered in a structured tool. I have tried qTest and Testrail, but they do not seem to have this functionality, nor other things, other platforms, like TestLink, have. For example, as far as I have seen, qTest does not support integration with an external issue tracking system. I am not sure of where to go from here, I'm thinking of custom fields which could be used for the connection of TCs together, but I am not sure they will be enough to help my cause...
Let me just write a quick "requirement" of what I need, and I will close this long post: Let's say that I have three flow types in my platform, which are organized in 3 test suites so that anyone can test the flows end to end by reading only one test suite. Let's say that by implementing a change in a step of one flow, some TCs from the other flows are affected, is there a tool that would warn me in some way that TC1, TC5 and TC18 will be affected by this change?

Thank you in advance for the time spent reading this post and any information provided