Hello Everyone,

I've been working at a website company for about 3 months and have been doing front end testing and verification. I handle UI issues/bugs and close & re-open related issues. Though this is fun and rarely without work, I know that I have more to offer my team and would like to add more to my plate because once I've completed the work in my queue I have no other work to do. I've been trying to learn about QA on my own and have been only minimally successful. One of the members of my team who is also like my mentor, pointed me to SQAforums. I have read the the forums for newbies but I'm still not sure how to find resources or helpful links in order to broaden my knowledge. I clicked on the training tab at the top of the page as suggested in one of the "Newbie" forums but did not find any classes that were in my price range (free). If anyone could point me in the right direction I would be greatly appreciative.

Miss CC
email: ccarruthers@care.com