I have a friend working on a project with a big company. He needs QA testers badly and has said that I can have a job if I want it. It's a great opportunity , but I have no test experience. I took a year of prgramming in college about 10 years ago. I'm very familiar with computers and am well informed in the process of software development.
Basically, I need to learn how to use Microsoft Test Manager well enough to get by ( 1 year exp is required).
I've been doing nothing but research for the past 4 days or so, and feel that I'm getting on very well.
I'm running hyper v virtual machines, created basic test plans and implemented them, I still need to learn how to create a traceability matrix and more about online QA metrics. But I feel I've got a good start.
Am I an idiot, and think I'm doing a lot better than I actually am? I have a month to teach myself the basics of this. I just need to be to the point that I won't need my hand held on day 1.
I'm going to be treating this as a full time job and devoting every hour of every day to learning this.
any comments or recommendations would be amazing.
resources would be great too. I downloaded 17GB of test scripts and other learning tools from Brian Keller, and it is very useful, but I'm sure there is more out there.
Thanks in advance to anyone offering any opinions.